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Get all your fresh, local foods in one place without stepping outside your door

Welcome to a new marketplace for all your fruit, vegetables, fish and meat shopping, bringing freshness and convenience together in a single platform.

Local Food Market Co pulls together all the products you need from a wide range of quality food stores, allowing you to shop online from participating food stores in one convenient place.

Once you’ve browsed the fresh, quality produce and made your choices, you can securely check out with each store individually and book a delivery date with them.

To give you the personal service that you love, all orders are packed and delivered by the same staff that serve you in-store, making your online shopping a pleasure.

Check out the participating stores, which include:

Berries on the Rocks has over 90 years experience in the fruit and vegetable industry, Michael, his father and grandfather always have taken pride in building and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and growers, to ensure the freshest produce is always available. As founder of Patterson Organics, Michael and Lilla have a passion for organic food and healthy eating for families. Operating from Berries on the Rocks in Beaumaris, they still carry that ethos with their organic range and Australian grown healthy food.

Planet Seafood has been offering fresh, high-quality seafood since 1995. Founder Manuel Parianos’ family, fishermen for five generations, come from the Greek island of Ikaria. Melbourne-raised Manuel has been involved in the seafood business since he was a boy and is proud to use his expertise to select the best and freshest seafood for delivery to homes all over Melbourne. From fish fillets for family meals through to luxury seafood like oysters and scallops for special occasions, Planet Seafood will soon have you hooked on their fresh and tasty produce.

Bright n Fresh is your local grocer, offering fresh Australian-grown fruit, vegetables and produce. Bright n Fresh has been working with local growers and farmers for nearly 20 years in its mission to bring local fresh produce to customers who care about origin and quality. Products are hand-chosen fresh every day from local markets, meaning only the best ingredients find their way to your table. And Bright n Fresh is not just about fruit and veg, but it also offers all the extras that you need to stock up your fridge and store cupboard, including dairy produce, nuts, pasta, sauces, oils and seasonings.

Hampton Fruit Centre has been serving the local community with fresh fruit, vegetables and produce for over half a century. With a simple but effective motto of ‘source the best and sell the best’, you can’t go wrong with the quality food items on offer. Long-standing relationships with the best suppliers mean the benefits are delivered all the way through to customers, who can be assured of the best-quality fresh produce and pantry items, including pasta, rice, nuts, baking ingredients and canned goods.

Cut Fresh Bentleigh are everyone’s favourite butchers. Offering a wide range of fresh everyday meats, including chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, pork and bacon, you can rely on Cut Fresh Bentleigh to supply the freshest produce for your family to enjoy. Aside from supplying your day-to-day meats, they also offer cuts of meat ready to roast to make your favourite family meal really simple to prepare, as well as more special occasion meats such as veal, available in a variety of different cuts. This means you can rely on Cut Fresh Bentleigh to deliver freshness and quality no matter what the occasion.

Get over to Local Food Market Co for all your fresh shopping needs

What are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the Local Food Market Co store and shop for your essential and favourite products from your friendly local grocers, fishmongers and butchers. It’s just like shopping in your favourite stores on the high street — but more convenient and with delivery timed to suit you too.

It’s the freshest, easiest way to get everything you need under one roof, knowing that your delivery will be brimming with freshness, goodness and value.