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Bonvit Instant Chicory 100g


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Bonvit instant chicory is extracted by a unique process from specially cultivated chicory root from Northern France. The root is dried and roasted then extracted using only pure water to preserve the natural flavour. Free from caffeine so it’s warm roasted flavour makes it ideal to enjoy anytime, day or night. 

The very coffee-like taste of roast chicory root has made it one of the most popular coffee substitutes, and many people actually prefer it flavour-wise.  Bonvit’s chicory coffee is imported from France and finely ground to dissolve instantly in hot water.

Use one teaspoonful per cup of hot water and add milk, honey, or sugar to taste. It has a warm roasted flavour that can be enjoyed anytime, day or night.

No added flavours or preservatives. Lactose free, caffeine free.


100% Chicory root extract.

Made in France


Always check with manufacturer for allergy concerns.

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