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How it works …

This online marketplace is designed to function like a real food market place.

Where there are multiple store owners collected under one roof together. Our marketplace works in the same way, it’s just an online version to shop from the convenience of your home or work.

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You can explore locally produced products on our food market page or shop directly with store owners on their marketplace online store. It doesn’t matter, our special cart works across all pages, and you can fill your cart with items from multiple stores.

Once you have completed your shop, you can check out via the Complete Order button at the bottom of the side cart.

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Produce is purchased directly from each market store, with this you will be directed through the checkout pages of each store that you are purchasing from to complete your order.

If you are purchasing from a two marketplace store, there will be two checkout pages that you will be directed to. Don’t worry the checkout process is really quite quickly with all checkout information being passed on to the next subsequent checkout page. 

Please note market stores will deliver to different delivery areas, some only offer deliveries on certain days and not all stores will deliver to your area. Please make sure you review each store’s delivery areas and delivery times here.