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This recipe combines everything you love: chocolate and all the goodness of beetroot, pear and raspberries!

Healthier Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

  • Preparation: 20 min
  • Cooking: 1 h 30 min
  • Ready in: 2 h



  1. Preheat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius and line a 900 g loaf tin with baking paper.
  2. Whisk the oil, eggs and sugar in a large mixing bowl until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Put the chocolate in a bowl and microwave on high, stirring every 20 seconds until smooth.
  4. Whisk the chocolate into the egg, oil and sugar mixture. Stir in the beetroot, pear, almond flour, cinnamon and cocoa. Then carefully fold the raspberries into the mixture.
  5. Transfer the batter to your loaf tin and bake for 90 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.
  6. Once cool, dust the cake with the extra cocoa powder and serve.