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Green olive baked chicken

This chicken dish is one of our tastiest healthy dinner recipes yet! The individual ingredients are simple but hearty, and their flavours combine to create a succulent dish that appeals to all the family.

Baking the chicken as suggested in this recipe is the healthy way to go as only a small amount of oil is used and no frying is required.

We use olive oil here for more than one reason. Firstly, it adds to the overall Mediterranean vibe of this dish, and secondly, it’s packed full of health benefits.

Olive oil is rich in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory effects and is believed to play a role in protecting against cancer. This makes olive oil one of the healthiest choices of oil for cooking. But don’t stop there…add it to salad dressings and pasta, or use it instead of butter in baking recipes.

Back to the chicken. Because it’s baked for just the right amount of time, you’ll get a mouthful full of juicy and tender meat with every bite.

This lean meat is one of our favourite healthy choices as it provides a generous serving of protein, vitamin B6 and essential minerals too.

Let’s not forget the green olives, of course. While their sharp taste lends a unique quality to any dish, they are also full of nutrients.

As well as the oleic acid already mentioned, you’ll also find generous servings of iron, copper, calcium and vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect the body against disease and is essential for eye and skin health.

Throw in the remaining ingredients of garlic, parsley, lemon zest, cherry tomatoes and seasonings and you have the making of your next go-to family meal, infused with the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Cooking tips

This recipe is super simple to make and doesn’t require any special culinary skills. 

Keep an eye on it towards the end of the recommended baking time to ensure that the meat doesn’t overcook and dry out. You’ll know it’s done when the juices from the thickest part of the chicken run clear and the meat is white with no traces of pink.

You can add extra garlic, salt and pepper if you like your chicken extra flavoursome.

Serve with…

Continue the Mediterranean theme by serving green olive baked chicken with some healthy vegetable and salad side dishes. Mix and match some of these suggestions:

  • Selection of grilled veggies like red onion, green capsicum and mushrooms
  • Green leafy salad with feta cheese cubes and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds
  • Orange, fennel and avocado salad
  • Vegetable skewers using any combo of veggies you have available
  • Fig and tomato salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar
  • Zucchini and tomato ragù

Green Olive Baked Chicken


  • For: 6 serves
  • Preparation: 15 min
  • Cooking: 1 h
  • Ready in: 1 h 15 min


  1. Preheat the oven to 200(degree)C (400(degree)F). Soak the olives in cold water for 5 minutes to remove the excess salt. Drain.
  2. Divide the chicken into 8 pieces or ask your butcher to do so. Place the chicken in a baking dish, skin side up. and put a piece of garlic under each chicken portion. Combine the olives, parsley, lemon zest, tomatoes, pepper, salt and olive oil and spoon over the chicken.
  3. Bake for 45-55 minutes or until the chicken is golden and cooked through. Place on serving plates and serve drizzled with the pan juices.


Serves 4.

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