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Beef Thai Red Curry Bolognese

Searching for that perfect red curry Thai recipe that tastes delicious and is easy to make too? 

Take a look at our offering below, which is part of our series of healthy dinner recipes. They’re all designed to help you in the kitchen, with inspiration for simple, nutritious meals that the entire family will enjoy.

You’ll find that this dish has surprisingly few ingredients, given its depth of flavour. Most likely, you’ve already got the canned ingredients (coconut cream, chickpeas and corn kernels) in your store cupboard, so shopping for this recipe is kept to the minimum.

The signature characteristics of this Southeast Asian inspired dish are the combination of aromatic ingredients in the red curry paste like lemongrass, galangal (Thai ginger) and chilli and its velvety texture thanks to the use of coconut oil and cream.

We’ve chosen beef for the meat here but chicken, pork or fish will work well too. You can also adapt this recipe with tofu or extra vegetables instead of meat to suit a plant-based diet.

We love beef for its rich flavour and nutritional benefits. Beef is an excellent source of high-quality protein and provides essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, and B vitamins, which support muscle growth and overall health. It also contains creatine and carnosine, which help improve physical performance and brain function.

Because it’s minced, it cooks quickly, so you won’t have to wait too long to be able to sample this delicious dish.

More about Thai red curry

As the name suggests, Thai red curry uses red curry paste, which calls for red chillies. This makes it a little hotter than its cousin, green curry. If you want to tone down the spicy element, you can add more coconut cream.

Ready-made red curry paste is a good choice when cooking in a hurry. If you have enough time on your hands, find a recipe for homemade red curry paste, but be aware that making it will be a labour of love! Traditional Thai curry paste is made by crushing up the ingredients using a mortar and pestle and takes some time and effort.

What else can I do with this dish?

We’ve fused Thai and Italian cuisine here by serving the curry with pasta, but you could instead use coconut or jasmine rice, the sweetness of which will balance out this powerful curry’s fiery flavours.

You can also top this dish with some traditional Thai ingredients, such as fresh coriander or kaffir lime leaves or bamboo shoots.

Whichever way you choose to serve it, add a fresh, green salad as a side dish to counteract the bold flavours.

Beef Thai Red Curry Bolgnese

This was a favourite recipe in our house, a twist on the old “spag bol”, it a great dish to introduce spicy food to younger children.



  1. heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat and add the onion and capsicum
  2. Cook for a minute or so, for the veggies to soften
  3. Add the pork mince, five spice and curry paste and, using a spoon or whisk, break the meat into smaller chunks and cook for another five minutes or so, until the mice is brown and cooked evenly
  4. Add the coconut cream and stir well, then reduce to medium and simmer, uncovered, for ten minutes
  5. Add the peas and cook for another five minutes, to warm through
  6. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions, then drain and add to the mince.
  7. Combine the Thai-talian salad ingredients in a bowl
  8. Serve the pasta and sauce in bowls with the salad as a side

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