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vegan chickpea kale scramble © local food market co dsc 1447

Vegan chickpea and kale scramble

The stand-out feature of this delicious vegan meal is its high protein content, something that can be hard to find in a vegan diet.

If you don’t eat animal products, then it can be challenging to get the complete proteins containing all nine of the essential amino acids your body needs to stay healthy.

You can find complete proteins in meat, fish and dairy products. But vegans will need to be a little more inventive to get the nutrition they need.

This recipe ticks all the boxes with ingredients you can find in your regular fruit and veg shop that offer all the essential amino acids required to nourish your body.

Chickpeas are renowned for their high protein content. In fact, they are made up of about 18% protein. So the chickpea or besan flour used here is an excellent source of protein and amino acids.

vegan chickpea kale scramble © local food market co dsc 1453
vegan chickpea kale scramble © local food market co dsc 1453

The almond milk is high in protein too, and just a small amount of nutritional yeast, like that used in this recipe, will also yield a generous serving of protein to boost your levels.

Combined, all these excellent sources of protein will provide all the amino acids you need for a balanced diet.

And let’s not forget the added vitamins and minerals from the kale, zucchini and asparagus, all rich in vitamins A for cell health and C for your immune system. Each vegetable also contains its own combination of other vital vitamins and minerals.

The avocado brings a satisfying creaminess while you’ll also love the bouquet of flavour thanks to the lemon juice, garlic and onion.

In fact, every ingredient in this recipe is supercharged to give you a nutritional boost with heaps of flavour too!

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